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Monday, 30 May 2016

Space Visit...

We all hopped on a bus and travelled into Wellington to the Space Place which can be found in the Carter Observatory.  

We sat in big, red comfy chairs in a cool cinema and watched an awesome video that played up in the ceiling!  

We started at the Sun and flew through our Solar System.  We learned that not all moons are the same, which planets could have life on them and other facts.  

After the video the ceiling lit up with stars.  We learned how to find the Southern Cross, the Scorpion and a few more.  Our favourite was the Pleiades (Matariki stars) because soon it will be the Māori New Year!

We learnt more about the 8 planets that orbit our sun (which is a humungous star!).  

After the two sessions with our guides, we were able to look at, and play with the exhibitions.  Everyone loved being able to touch and play with everything.