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Monday, 20 June 2016

Manu Tukutuku For Matariki Celebrations!

You Are Invited To Rangikura School's Matariki Celebration!

This Thursday the 23rd June between 6-8pm

In the past Matariki was celebrated with singing, making music, storytelling, carving, weaving, playing games, kite making, remembering the past, remembering those who have passed, setting new goals, sharing food and enjoying each other’s company.

All of these things will be in action at Rangikura School on this date. So come along and share it with us.

Room 10 is busy manu tukutuku for you.  Our kites will be ready for the Matariki Celebration so come and see how they turn out! 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Matariki - Student Collaboration!

During their first week back at school we hooked into our prior knowledge about Matariki, and then combined this with some new knowledge by each group reading a different journal about Matariki.  

The students wanted to share their knowledge with their buddy class in Hong Kong.  They decided to use Google Slides after collaborating on a Google Doc to share their understandings during their reading sessions.

Groups of students working on the same Google Slide after collaborating on Google Docs.

Below is a series of slideshows from the students.   You will notice that the slideshows are not perfect, but provide an important snapshot of where their learning is at this moment in time.

During this process, students had to problem solve how to take a screen shot of their art and then embed into a Google slide.  With their teachers help, students were able to make connections to key words that would help them find the answers.  One search was worded:  'Screenshot with Chromebook'

Then we needed to problem solve how we were going to embed the Google Slide into a blog post.  With some detective work, we found you could publish the Google Slide to the web and copy a code that we then embedded into the blog post.  We had to change to HTML format to put in the code so it would work.

We also learnt how to reduce the size of our Google Slides so they would fit on the blog page.  All in all, a whole lot of reading, writing, art, ICT skills were developed this week and we are very proud of our efforts.

As always, we love your positive feedback, so please leave a comment below.