Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Math Knowledge With Manu Tukutuku

Room 10 is learning to share their mathematical strategies to show what they are skills they are using to solve everyday problems.  

Phases Of The Moon

Group Two is currently working their way through the Phases of the Moon.   They will update this post further once they have completed their inquiry on this particular area.

Distance From The Sun - Solar System

Team One had their opportunity to answer the question:  Which planet is the furtherest from the sun?  

Watch their video to find out which planet it was.....

Monday, 20 June 2016

Manu Tukutuku For Matariki Celebrations!

You Are Invited To Rangikura School's Matariki Celebration!

This Thursday the 23rd June between 6-8pm

In the past Matariki was celebrated with singing, making music, storytelling, carving, weaving, playing games, kite making, remembering the past, remembering those who have passed, setting new goals, sharing food and enjoying each other’s company.

All of these things will be in action at Rangikura School on this date. So come along and share it with us.

Room 10 is busy manu tukutuku for you.  Our kites will be ready for the Matariki Celebration so come and see how they turn out! 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Singing To Our Hong Kong Buddy Class

Hong Kong Class

Rangikura Room 10

Woo Hoo Swimming Here We Go!

We are practising our swimming skills down at the Arena so we can swim safely in the pools, rivers and the beach that are available to us.  

Having fun down at the heated indoor pool.... 

We LoVe swimming!

Boys chilling out....

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Thank You Whaea Jess!

Whaea Jess we hope you like the messages we have written for you in our specially made cards.  

We appreciate you and love having you helping us with our learning in Room 10.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Inter School Cross Country Competitors!

Proud to represent Rangikura School!

Room 10 had six students represent Rangikura School today at the Inter School Cross Country.  

They had a fabulous time and shared with the class that running 2 kilometres is hard work!  But they were pleased to represent their school and whanau. 

Well done Eraia, Nav, Javahn, Jipsy, Memphis and Mya.  

We are very proud of you.

Do You Have Asthma?

Chris from the Funky Monkeys visited the kids at 

Rangikura School today and taught them things they

 need to know about asthma.

Watch the videos to find out what causes asthma and how 

to take the medicine.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Distance From The Sun....

In Room 10 we are learning about Planet Earth & Beyond.  Today a group of students went about the task of working out which planets were closest to the sun.  

Below you will find a video made by the students sharing their findings.

It's hard work this measuring business!

Big thank you to Whaea Jess for supporting the student's learning.

Gagana Samoa!

Last week we celebrated Gagana Samoa.  

It was a wonderful week that ended with an assembly that gave our students an opportunity to shine as they shared their language, dance and culture with us.

Student's from Room 10 who participated in the assembly.

The dance was beautiful and the boys spoke with confidence.

The whole assembly rocked!

Happy Samoan Independence Day!

Rangikura School celebrated by singing the National Anthem.

Photo courtesy of
Ciaran Featherston.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Number Strategies.....

In Room 10 we are always looking to see which is the best strategy to use when solving a problem.

We have to remember to go back and check out answers.

Can you work out what the missing numbers are?   

Have a go, then read on to find out how we managed to answer the question.....

We had to work together to solve this challenge.... it took us awhile but we got there!