Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Inquiry Learning.... Purposeful Learning

Today Team Respect took a look at some lines of inquiry that they would like to follow up.  

This is harder than it sounds as the children had to think about a topic that they were generally interested in, and the topic had to be one that they can research the by finding information in books and online.

After quite a bit of discussion and sharing each student came up with one question.  Take a look at the picture to the right to see the different inquiry topics the children want to research.

The next step was to generate questions of the original thought. Once again, this was harder than it sounds.  But we got there and have a starting point.

In Room 10 we want to make our learning purposeful and engaging. We know there are times when we will have to learn things that might not be as interesting as our own inquiry project.  But, the skills we learn will be used across all the subjects, giving us the skills we need to be successful.

Stay posted to keep up to date with our progress.

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