Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Place Value Practice...

In Room 10 we are practising and consolidating our knowledge of 'Place Value'.    

We can expand a number, for example:  

542 is the same as 500 + 40 + 2  =  542

500 = 5 groups of 100

40 = 4 groups of 10

2 = two ones

This knowledge is really important because. it helps us understand the meaning of a number.  If people just used numbers randomly, no one would know which numbers people meant.  You need place value to understand the order of numbers as well.

Below this picture you will find links to cool 'Place Value' games.

We support each other with our learning, developing our ability to collaborate with others and share our knowledge.

Here are some links to practice 'place value'
with your child:

Place Value Hockey:    

Online Place Value Games:  

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