Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Earthquake Experiences....

With the recent earthquakes taking place around New Zealand the students in Room 10 wanted to share their personal experiences and let us know what do when an earthquake is happening.

Below are a selection of student pieces:


  1. Looks like you guys have worked hard on these! I will come to you next time I need to do a slideshow presentation! The earthquake stories are freaky!!

  2. Dear Patrick, Navarone, Sonia, Mya, Eraia, Mereana
    My name is Kyra I go to Tom Price Primary School
    It is really sad to being hearing about these earthquakes happening in New Zealand.
    I am devastated to be hearing about these.
    Were you guys effected?
    it is good to see that even after something to devastating that you guys can still get back to the way life was.
    I think that it is a really good idea that you guys put videos up on how to be prepared for this.
    From Kyra at Tom Price Primary School in room 15


Thank you for your comment. We look forward to reading and responding to it. Kind regards, Room 10.