Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Because Art Is Cool!

Every Friday the Middle & Senior Block have electives to participate in.  This term students can choose from Poly Club, Drama, Jump Jam, 3D Art, Weaving, Board Games, Martial Arts and Visual Art. 

Mya and Kyara chose Visual Art with Mrs Nui and have come back with some very cool pieces.  Check out their art below.

If you would like to know how they did it, leave a comment below and they will get back to you.

Art by Mya and Kyara - Room 10


  1. wow..that looks amazing

  2. Thats some amazing art you got there

  3. Hey Mya and Kyara,

    Great job on your excellent art it looks really amazing!!! Also I like your creativity and how you draw your art. My favourite piece was the one on the bottom left corner with the bird on it. Again your artwork is cool.

    From Locky in room 15 TPPS. :(:):

  4. Hello Kyara and Mya,

    I really like the design of your art peice it looks really cool make sure you keep it up.
    From Jasper

  5. Wow! What beautiful and talented peices of art.
    from Jordyn
    TPPS Tom Price Room15


Thank you for your comment. We look forward to reading and responding to it. Kind regards, Room 10.