Thursday, 23 June 2016

Giving Back To The Plants

During the week we have been manu tukutuku (kite making) for the Matariki Celebration.  Every year the Māori people have their New Year which is called Matariki.  This celebration takes place in early June.  

During the process of making our kites we have learnt more about what tikanga means and the things we need to do to show our understanding of it.  Before we cut the raupō and toetoe we said a karakia.  It was not raining when we cut it, and it was cut in a way that helps the plant continue to grow.  We didn’t just throw away the parts we didn’t use.  Instead, we cut them into small pieces so they could be put back under the plant we took it from.  This will help it break down quicker and the nutrients in those bit will end up feeding the plant to help it grow.   

Below are two videos sharing what we do with the raupō and toetoe once we have used the bits we needed to make our kites.

Examples of manu tukutuku made by students and teachers.

If you would like to know more about the Māori Culture, Te Reo and Tikanga please leave a question below in the comment section and we will get back to you.


  1. Kia ora koutou, talofa lava Room 10 @ Rangikura. I am loving reading your blogs and seeing what exciting learning is taking place in your school. It is fabulous that you have been celebrating Matariki. What are you doing next week to celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori? I wonder if your school is coming into Wellington for the parade on Monday? Keep up the great blogging and learning - ka mau te wehi!

    1. Thank you for your great comment, it is nice to see someone replying to one of our posts. Some of us are going to the parade in Wellington. I hope to see one of your amazing comments again soon.

    2. Thank you for your great comment . it is nice to have someone like you supporting us with our blogging.
      For our Te wiki o te maori there is only about 3 people in our class. I hope to see 1 of your other comment from you
      yours sincerely David.


Thank you for your comment. We look forward to reading and responding to it. Kind regards, Room 10.